IWGDF guidelines during COVID19

advise effective offloading is more important than ever to accelerate ulcer healing, prevent deterioration, reduce risk of infection and hospitalisation as well as reducing the need of frequent debridement and wound dressing

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“I found that the VACOcast was as effective as total contact casting for promoting healing in diabetic foot ulcers, with the added benefit that it became more cost effective with 8 weeks of application vs. total contact casting (these ulcers will usually take longer than 12 weeks to heal). Having access to Diabetic VACOcast via FP10 will reduce inefficiency, hospital referrals and inappropriate consultant contacts.”

Podiatrist and Lecturer in Podiatry

“The fitting procedure is easy and easy to understand for patients and their relatives. We found the boot showing very good wound healing results, even with long term or re-occurring wounds. We believe this is due to the vacuum and beads system, which makes the boot offloading the same way as the gold standard TCC.”

Orthopaedic Practitioner

“These are the only boots that conform to a patient’s foot in a similar fashion to a TCC. The VACOcast is simple to apply, cost effective as it reduces the demand on the clinician’s time and NHS appointments, as the patient does not require weekly appointments to remove and replace a TCC. An off loading shoe or other knee high offloading devices do not distribute the pressure evenly across the foot comparable to the VACOcast as these other devices cannot conform to the shape of the patient’s foot giving support to the plantar arch.”